26 October 2017

10mm Dark Ages Project - The Vikings - Part 3

I have completed the 1st of my 10mm Dark Age armies and the Vikings are ready to play To the Strongest. Well they would be but currently they are lacking any opposition, something that I shall rectify very soon as I shall be starting the Picts next.

As is usual for me now here is a video of the completed army. Best watched by clicking the you tube logo from within the video for a larger format

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6 September 2017

10mm Dark Ages Project - The Vikings - Part 2

Having made a good start the Viking army build continues at a healthy lick. I have to confess I miscalculated the number of bondi I would need, so have to order some more before I can base them all up to get a truly random mix. Undeterred by my error though I still have plenty to get painted and can complete all the other elements while I await fresh troops. The video below shows you all the current status of the project.

Thanks for watching and reading
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